At Visionary Young Engineers (VYE), we take pride in our diverse portfolio of projects that embody our commitment to innovation, sustainability, and cultural preservation. Each project reflects our passion for creating meaningful and impactful solutions that address the challenges of today while shaping a better future for generations to come. Explore some of our notable projects below

Rajgir Wildlife Safari

VYE was honored to contribute to the enhancement of the Rajgir Wildlife Safari, a cherished destination celebrating India’s rich biodiversity. Our scope of work included the design and implementation of a comprehensive ticketing system, command center, orientation center, and immersive 180-degree 3D theater experience. Through cutting-edge technologies and immersive storytelling, we aimed to elevate the visitor experience while promoting environmental conservation and wildlife awareness.

Shraddhey Shree Atal Bihari Vajpayee Botanical Garden

In collaboration with stakeholders, VYE embarked on the revitalization of the Shraddhey Shree Atal Bihari Vajpayee Botanical Garden, transforming it into a vibrant hub of nature and culture. Our contributions ranged from creating India’s largest anamorphic paintings to supplying IoT solutions for environmental monitoring. Through the integration of art, technology, and environmental stewardship, we aimed to create a sustainable and immersive experience that celebrates the beauty of nature and the legacy of Shri Atal Bihari Vajpayee.

Odisha State Museum

VYE played a pivotal role in enhancing the visitor experience at the Odisha State Museum through technological integration and innovation. Our contributions included the installation of interactive audio displays, light and sound shows on dioramas, and the development of immersive AR and VR experiences. By leveraging technology to bring history and culture to life, we aimed to engage visitors of all ages and backgrounds while preserving Odisha’s rich cultural heritage for future generations.

Kaarbi Anglom Heritage Museum Virtual Tour

VYE was privileged to develop a virtual tour for the Kaarbi Anglom Heritage Museum, offering visitors an immersive and educational experience from anywhere in the world. Through high-quality imagery, informative narration, and interactive features, we aimed to transport visitors to the heart of Kaarbi Anglom’s cultural heritage, fostering appreciation and understanding of the region’s history and traditions.

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Mantralaya Cultural Ministry Office Enhancement Project

VYE had the honor of enhancing the Mantralaya office for the Cultural Ministry, infusing it with artistic elements and technological innovations. Our contributions included supplying canvas paintings, touchscreen kiosks for pledges, and anamorphic paintings, enhancing the office environment while promoting cultural heritage and creativity.

Kalyan City Park Projection Mapping System

VYE contributed to the transformation of Kalyan City Park with the installation of a cutting-edge Projection Mapping System. This immersive technology brought the park to life with captivating visual displays, enhancing visitor experiences and attracting tourists from far and wide. By combining art and technology, we created a dynamic and vibrant public space that celebrates the beauty of nature and fosters community engagement.

Nature Interpretation Centre with Krishna Vishwa Vidyapeeth, Karad

VYE collaborated with Krishna Vishwa Vidyapeeth in Karad to develop a state-of-the-art Nature Interpretation Centre. This innovative facility serves as a hub for environmental education, scientific research, and community engagement. Through interactive exhibits, educational programs, and immersive experiences, we aim to inspire visitors to connect with nature, understand its importance, and become stewards of the environment for future generations.

Shaheed Museum in Shahjahanpur Technological Integration Project

VYE provided technological integration solutions for the Shaheed Museum in Shahjahanpur, enhancing visitor engagement and educational experiences. Our contributions included interactive audio displays, light and sound shows on dioramas, and multimedia presentations that bring the stories of sacrifice and heroism to life. By leveraging technology to preserve and promote India’s rich history, we honor the legacy of our heroes and inspire future generations.

Indian Defence Level 4 IETMs Supply

VYE proudly supplied Level 4 Interactive Electronic Technical Manuals (IETMs) for the Indian Defence, supporting mission-critical operations with advanced technical documentation solutions. Our IETMs offer interactive, multimedia-rich content that enhances training, maintenance, and operational readiness for defense personnel. By delivering cutting-edge technology to safeguard national security, we demonstrate our commitment to excellence and innovation in defense support services.

Waaree Energies Anamorphic Videos Supply

VYE provided anamorphic video solutions for Waaree Energies, enhancing their corporate communications and branding efforts. Our custom-designed anamorphic videos captivated audiences and showcased Waaree Energies’ commitment to renewable energy and sustainability. By harnessing the power of visual storytelling, we helped elevate Waaree Energies’ brand presence and promote their mission of creating a greener future.