we are committed to fostering innovation, sustainability, and cultural preservation
through our creative solutions and technological expertise.

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About Visionary Young Engineers (VYE)​

Welcome to Visionary Young Engineers (VYE), where innovation meets sustainability and creativity intertwines with cultural preservation. Founded with a vision to shape a future where technology serves humanity while respecting our heritage and environment, VYE is dedicated to pushing the boundaries of innovation while staying rooted in our cultural ethos.

Our Vision

At VYE, we envision a world where technological advancements are seamlessly integrated with cultural values and environmental sustainability. We strive to be pioneers in driving sustainable innovations that not only propel progress but also nurture our natural heritage and preserve our cultural identity.

Our Mission

Our mission at VYE is clear: to create meaningful and impactful solutions that address the challenges of today while safeguarding the needs of future generations. Through collaborative efforts, interdisciplinary approaches, and a commitment to excellence, we aim to inspire positive change and empower communities worldwide.

Our Approach

At VYE, we believe in an integrated approach that combines innovation, sustainability, and cultural sensitivity. Whether it’s designing cutting-edge technologies, preserving cultural heritage, or promoting environmental stewardship, we strive to make a positive impact in everything we do.

Our Team

We Have Come
Together to Create

Mithun Pangal

Director and CTO

As the Director and Chief Technology Officer, Mithun Pangal leads the strategic direction and technological innovation initiatives at VYE. With a keen eye for emerging technologies and a passion for sustainability, Mithun drives the company towards its vision of creating innovative solutions that balance technology with cultural preservation.

Amrita Basu


Amrita Basu serves as the Chief Executive Officer, overseeing the overall management and operations of VYE. With a strong background in business administration and a commitment to social responsibility, Amrita ensures that VYE's projects are executed with excellence and integrity, while also fostering a culture of collaboration and innovation.

Shikha Sengar

Researcher and Creative Writer

Shikha Sengar brings her expertise in research and creative writing to VYE, crafting compelling narratives and content that communicate the company's vision and values. With a deep understanding of cultural nuances and a flair for storytelling, Shikha helps elevate VYE's projects and initiatives to resonate with diverse audiences.

Munawar Khalil Khan

3D Artist / 3D Scanning Expert

3D artist at Visionary Young Engineers (VYE), brings expertise in 3D modeling, antiquity scanning, and meticulous post-processing techniques, enriching projects with meticulous attention to detail and artistic finesse. 

Sahil Santosh Raut

Fine Artist / Visualizer

Sahil specializes in visualizing concepts and designs, translating ideas into compelling visual representations. With a keen eye for aesthetics and a passion for design, Sahil ensures that VYE's projects are visually impactful and resonate with audiences across various platforms.

Manjunath Shetty

Head of Finances, Production, and Logistics

Manjunath Shetty oversees the financial management, production processes, and logistics operations at VYE. With a keen eye for detail and a focus on efficiency, Manjunath ensures that projects are delivered on time and within budget, while also optimizing resource allocation and supply chain management.

Hritik Londhe

3D Artist

3D generalist at Visionary Young Engineers (VYE), channels his expertise into crafting captivating visualizations for products and museums, infusing each project with creativity and precision to engage and inspire audiences.

V Venkatesh


V Venkatesh serves as the Chief Financial Officer, providing strategic financial leadership and guidance to VYE. With a focus on financial sustainability and growth, V Venkatesh ensures that VYE's financial resources are managed effectively and responsibly, enabling the company to achieve its goals and objectives.

Chandan Prajapati

3D Artist

3D generalist at Visionary Young Engineers (VYE), specializing in product and museum visualization. With a keen eye for detail and a passion for immersive storytelling, Chandan brings concepts to life with realism and creativity, enriching the visual experience for diverse audiences.

Shailesh Gajbiye

Project Management and Government Tendering

Spearheading project management and government tendering processes. With expertise in navigating government regulations and managing project lifecycles, Shailesh ensures seamless execution of projects and successful procurement of government contracts.